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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  March 12, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 is working several big stories tonight. d.c. businesses busted accused of selling stolen electronics, the sting operation that landed twos to people in jail. a university of maryland student accused of threatening a campus massacre, why some are now questioning the school's reaction. and is rg3 worth the risk?
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a breakdown of the blockbuster trade and the new problem that's cropped up for the redskins. we begin with the d.c. businesses accused of selling stolen goods. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. d.c. police say those businesses were feeding off the armed robberies and stick-ups that have plagued the city this year. fox 5's karen gray houston here to explain. >> police chief cathy lanier says it's a citywide operation to nab thugs who have been stealing cell phones and other electronic devices and to crack down on businesses that have been selling the stolen property. city officials displayed what they seized today. the chief says as of 6:00 this evening, police seized 100 cell phones, seven ipads and other electronic equipment including gps devices, playstations, cameras and also drugs including marijuana and k2 spice. in recent weeks city officials have used undercover decoys and officers patrolling the streets
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to focus on snatch and grab robberies often at metro stations. lanier and the mayor say they are already starting to see results. >> so far to date just from january 1 till today we've made a little over 300 races for the offense of robbery and just so you can have so much other numbers, we've also made about 310 arrests for either theft, possession of stolen property or theft from auto. >> if you are a criminal and committing thefts or robberies in the district of columbia, we will find you, arrest you and bring you to justice. >> chief lanier says police are not finished yet. she will continue to put plains clothes officers on the streets, to use modern technology and good old- fashioned cash for tips to catch those crooks. crooks. another big story tonight, new information about the university of maryland student who threatened to shoot up campus. police say three different
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calls tipped them off to what was going on at the same time students being concerned they weren't notified about alexander song's internet threats. fox 5's wisdom martin is back from college park with the latest. >> police say when they arrested alexander song on campus, he was emotionally distraught, shaking and crying. they searched his parents' home in howard county and didn't find any weapons but they took his personal computer. even though there were no weapons found, police say his internet rant to go on a shooting rampage on campus was a serious threat. university of maryland police say alexander song's threat to kill enough people to make national news was credible. at 9:25 saturday evening police got a call from a former university of maryland police aide who saw the threat on a website. >> our detectives contacted the website, reddit, and began the process of investigating the ip address in order to identify the message sender's identity. >> reporter: by 1:30 a.m.
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police got a second call from someone in montana who saw the posting on another site. then a third call from someone in baltimore on that same site. >> essentially, dude, you're joking, you better speak up because you're scaring me and i'm going to alert some authorities. mr. song wrote back laughing out loud, lol, go ahead. you don't even know what campus i'm talking about. >> by 6 a.m. investigators had identified song's ip address. >> information provided to our detectives indicated that he was off campus but he expected to return shortly. surveillance was set up when mr. song's vehicle came back onto campus, it was followed not only through our extensive camera network but by our plainclothes officers as well. mr. song got out of his vehicle and was taken into custody at 10:06 a.m. >> investigators took him into custody near cumberland hall. meanwhile some students were upset because they were never
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notified about a potential threat. >> i was a little alarmed that the university didn't send out an alert, but apparently that was because they had taken care of the situation before it was a threat. >> as far as our school notifying me, i felt they did a pretty horrible job. >> but police say an alert could have made the situation even worse. >> by the time we identified who we believed mr. song was as the sender and verified that he at one point was in his room sending messages, we felt we had the situation contained and the last thing we wanted to do was to alert the entire campus including mr. song that we were looking for him and therefore cause a precipitating event. >> song could be held in the hospital for 72 hours where he's being evaluated. police will be notified when he's released and a warrant will be served when he's out. we also know he is suspended from campus at this point. >> after hearing all this does
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he have a prior criminal history or any police history? >> here's what we know about his police contact. we know police got a call about a week ago about a student making noise on campus and it turns out it was song. he told police he was stressed, but investigators say there was nothing to indicate he was any kind of threat, so they closed the case out. >> wisdom martin, thank you. police meantime searching for the gunman who shot a man inside a northwest d.c. restaurant. the shooter and victim fought inside the restaurant before he opened fire. the victim was taken to the hospital with critical injuries, no names released. another big story tonight, the shooting rampage that killed 16 afghan civilians allegedly at the hands of an american soldier. so far he's known only as an army staff sergeant based out of washington state. as fox 5 tom fitzgerald explains, the pentagon won't release his name, but if he's convicted, he could be executed. >> reporter: the shock continues to reverberate in afghanistan tonight after an american soldier allegedly shot
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and killed 16 people, many of them women and children. at the u.n. secretary of state hillary clinton assessed the damage both in terms of human lives and the united states' relations with the afghan people. >> like many americans, i was shocked and saddened by the killings of innocent afghan villagers this weekend. we send our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and to the people of afghanistan. this is not who we are and the united states is committed to seeing that those responsible are held accountable. >> reporter: the white house says its drawdown in afghanistan will go ahead. right now there nearly 90,000 troops there and it's scheduled to drop to 68,000 in september. >> it's certainly not helpful at astray teamic level. >> reporter: michael ohandlin of the brookings institution says the mass shooting while tragic should not derail
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policy. >> if i have to make my best guess and the afghans will be largely the ones to decide, i will say we will ride this out as we have previous difficult tragedies. >> reporter: the still unnamed shooter is reported to be a 38- year-old u.s. army staff sergeant from ft. lewis, washington. he has been in afghanistan for six weeks after three tours in iraq. >> the soldiers aren't allowed to kill anybody they want to, only the enemy of. >> reporter: retired major general john allsenberg spent 28 years as a u.s. army lawyer and says if convicted by a military court, the suspect could face the ultimate penalty. >> in theory this individual could face a death penalty assuming he's charged with premeditated murder. >> reporter: the taliban appears to have rendered its verdicts on the shooting. on its website tonight they vow revenge against u.s. troops stationed in afghanistan. pentagon press secretary george little on monday called these killings deplorable but an
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isolated incident. at this point little says there is of indication this individual acted on his own. -- every indication this individual acted on his own. a u.n. official claims the soldier accused of leak information to wikileaks was subject to inhuman and cruel treatment. aiding the enemy is one of the 22 charges against manning. >> if you've been outside, it is a mild night tonight, but we may see a few showers working in. sue, i'm hoping these mild temperatures will be hanging around. >> by the end of the week you'll be saying you know what, it's too hot around here. >> i promise not to complain. >> i know you like it warm. we've definitely got it warm. the temperature went up 3 degrees in the last hour. it's still 67, but as mentioned and behind me, there are a few showers that will work their way through the region tonight.
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believe me, they're very hit or miss, nothing you have to worry about taking an umbrella later tonight. you might want it handy tomorrow. there will be a couple showers here and there. first let's focus on the warm temperatures, 72 degrees today, more typical of early may as i've been saying. we'll have to watch those cherry month.s because it's a week's worth of -- blossoms because it's a week's worth of warm temperatures and the nights are warm, too d.c. 67 degrees, annapolis 507, frederick 55 -- 57, frederick 55. again a couple showers here and there. we'll get in tighter, spotty showers only really around charles and calvert county and a few out to our west, but there are a few more batches to comes a put this in motion, looks like there could still be some showers trying to gather through west virginia. we'll see if they hold together coming across the mountains. some of you may have a few showers in the early morning and would you believe warm enough tomorrow there's a
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slight chance we could see a thunderstorm? so we'll come back and talk about who has the best chance of seeing any of that activity and we'll look at the five-day forecast of temperatures that you'll be thinking wardrobe changes, definitely needed. >> looking forward to the warm- up. see you in a few. everyone in d.c. is talking about this one. the redskins blockbuster draft trade, is going after robert griffin, iii the right move or did they give up too much? we break it down next. plus the new problem that popped up for the redskins. >> reporter: a northern virginia community comes together to salute a hometown hero, a marine killed in a helicopter crash last month. i'm bob barnard, the story coming up on the news edge at 11:00. 
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of the redskins once again have stolen the offseason headlines with a blockbuster trade moving up to slug no. 2 in next month's nfl draft. was the price too high? fox 5 sports director dave feldman here toothiness
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question. >> i'll try, but this is a time -- to answer that question. >> i'll try, but this is a time will tell scenario. most fans are pretty fired up about the move. the redskins are almost assured of selecting baylor all everything quarterback robert griffin, iii when the skins used what used to be the rams second overall pick. so far all the reviews on the kid are good, but will he be worth the heavy price the redskins paid? topic no. 1, i discussed earlier with washington post columnist jason reid. let's first talk about the big news with the redskins moving up to get the no. 2 pick who we all assume will be robert griffin, iii. they gave up three no. 1s and the second round pick, too high of cost, the right cost or i guess we'll have to wait and see about the cost? >> well, feldy, the third one isn't in the equation. of it absolutely the right move. look, i've -- it was absolutely the right move. look, i've written my column several times in the post this was the move they had to make.
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this kid gives them a chance to be great again. he has the tools, the personality, the arm, everything you talk about wanting in a true franchise quarterback. they had to do this for the long term viability of the future of this franchise. mike shanahan had to do it to try to really improve his legacy. you know, for hall of fame voters to try to turn this program around here. dan snyder needed this. feldy, this is absolutely the right move and anyone who disagrees with the move doesn't get it. >> does this move of them moving off and take robert griffin, the iii, mean you do not pursue peyton manning? >> if you're going to pursue someone, to get them they also have to want to come to you and i think it's a situation where peyton manning has many options and i just don't see this being a good fit for him and i think he's made that or his people have made that clear. look, they put their eggs in this basket. they did everything they had to do to move up to have a shot to get robert griffin, iii, and
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they did it and it makes sense. forget about peyton manning. that's not going to happen. this is the guy who they've targeted. they did what they had to do to get him. let's just see what the next 10 years bring. >> the other big news today out of the park is the redskins took a hit on the salary cap, multiple reports saying they'll be docked $36 million in cap space. what do you know about this? >> this is a serious hit. it really eats into what they're going to want to do in terms of signing free agents and managing the cap because they have to improve this roster. they don't have to get it done this offseason, but they'll have to improve the roster considerably to surround robert griffin, ii with tools to win here -- griffin, iii with tools to win here. this is a definite black eye for the redskins. >> tonight the redskins release a statement through general manager bruce allen reading in part, "the washington redskins have received no written documentation from the nfl
10:18 pm
concerning adjustments to the team's salary cap in 2012 as reported in various media outlets. every contract entered by the club during the applicable periods compiled with the 2010 and 2011 collective bargaining agreements." so the redskins are saying they did nothing wrong, multiple reports, not just and the post, everyone saying this is a big deal, as jason said, going to affect who they can surround robert griffin, iii with, but it was interesting what jason said which was anyone that disagrees with this move doesn't know what they're talking about because most everyone thinks they needed to do something. and as he said if maybe shanahan needed to do something because if he had another 5-11, 6-10 season, wouldn't look good even though he'd have another year on his contract. >> thank you, feldy. to politics now and the
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battle for the republican presidential nomination, it is now deep in the south. mississippi and alabama voters head to the polls in just hours and all four presidential hopefuls are stumping for last minute votes. >> reporter: a southern litmus test, mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich neck and neck in recent polls with ron paul coming in last across the board of each one is trying to convince the heavily conservative block in both states they are the best choice to go against president obama in november. santorum and gingrich talking energy to voters today in biloxi, mississippi. >> we want to have a candidate go up against president obama who can make the case about energy and our future, who can draw a sharp contrast about what's really at state. >> reporter: the former house speaker telling voters the u.s. should work on being self- sufficient when it comes to oil and natural gas. >> i believe it is essential for the united states to have
10:20 pm
an american energy policy. i believe it's essential that we establish the goal of being the most productive oil producer in the world and natural gas producer in the world of. >> reporter: mother nature throwing a wrench into mitt romney's event in mobile, alabama. the former massachusetts governor taking the rail lynn doors and getting some star studded -- the rally indoors and getting some star studded support from comedian jeff foxworthy. >> if you spend more money every year unanimous you take in, is that good -- than you take in, is that good for the economy? even a 5th grader can figure that one out. i know he's smarter than a 5th grader. i sometimes wonder why he does the things he does because it's not good for america if they're not creating jobs, not raising incomes and getting us gasoline we can afford of. >> reporter: polls suggest romney continues to be competitive in both alabama and mississippi because both newt gingrich and rick santorum continue to split the conservative vote. john roberts, fox news. everyone wants to protect children from sexual abuse, but the everyone is on board with a
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new idea on the table in d.c. we've got both sides of the heated argument next.  we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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the montgomery county maryland high school track coach accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl on his team got off on a technicality. prosecutors dropped criminal charges against 47-year-old scott spear because of a loophole in maryland's law. it says the accused must be a full-time permanent employee of the school in order to move forward with charges. spear was part time at the time of the allegation. in the wake of the penn state sex abuse scandal one d.c. council member wants to toughen the city's child abuse reporting laws. people who fail to report child sex abuse be charged with a crime. fox 5's acquisition hacks more on this controversial proposal. >> -- fox 5's matt ackland has more on this proposal. >> i'm going read a few
10:25 pm
excerpts on this report. >> reporter: remember the graduate student and janitor said they witnessed jerry sandusky abusing minors in the penn state sex scandal, but neither immediately reported it to law enforcement. >> it's clear from our looking at the current district law they would not have been required to report. >> reporter: mendelson says people who know sex abuse is going on and don't report it should be charged with a crime, but not all agree. >> we oppose this bill where fundamentally opposed to its philosophy which is that every person must be a government informant. >> we are opposing this bill. the intention is well founded and we greatly respect that, but we are concerned about some of the core elements of the bill and the unintended consequences that it will have. >> reporter: some believe this reporting should be left up to the professionals. currently those who have contact with children such as teand school officials are required to
10:26 pm
report if they hear about or see sexual abuse. some experts think instead of making it a criminal offense not to report, a public education campaign would work much better. >> if the real objective of bill 19647 is to create and encourage a culture of reporting, a thoughtful campaign that addresses the questions, concerns anyone might face about reporting abuse seems a better way to achieve that objective. >> reporter: but mendelson says in light of the sandusky investigation the law of reporting abuse in d.c. needs to be simplified so of adult has a role in protecting children -- so every adult has a role in protecting children. >> because it is so complicated and because there is such stigma attached to reporting, it's not adequately effective. >> reporter: council member mendelson has local support as well and is following the lead of 16 other states that already have laws on the books that
10:27 pm
makes it mandatory to report all child sexual abuse. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news. coming up next the fight to get pink slime out of your child's school lunch. plus this little guy is about to get a big surprise. his dad's back after serving a year overseas. you have to see their emotional reunion. if you see a story we should look into, send us a tip at fox5tips at or 202- 895-3000. we're back. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar,
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. there's a growing movement on the internet to put a stop to called pink slime. in fact, this what is it looks like. pink slime is beef trimmings treated with ammonium hydroxide added to beef as filler. mcdonald's and several fast food chains stopped using the pink slime, but the usda plans to buy 7 million pounds this spring for the national school lunch program. earlier tonight i talked to a former lawyer and mother of two
10:31 pm
who started a nationwide petition drive to get pink slime out of school food. >> well, i have a lot of concerns about it. i have safety concerns about it. this is a type of meat that -- i shouldn't even call it meat. it's a type of slaughterhouse scrap really that bpi itself admits is more likely to carry pathogens like e. coli and salmonella than other cuts of the cow. this is why they have to treat it with ammonium hydroxide. i have concerns about that. i mean they are -- they do test their products for eye coli for a certain number of strains, but as we know -- for e. coli for a certain number of strains, but as we know from the outbreak in germany last summer, we don't always know what strains are out there until a deadly outbreak. >> let me go on record saying i have two young children in elementary school or in school where they could get lunches and i think it's disgusting, but i have to play devil's
10:32 pm
advocate. the meat industry claims this is safe. in fact, they're saying we use bit of the cow. it helps america's schoolchildren by improving their nutritional profile and also at a lower cost to the school districts. this is a statement by the american meat institute. they released a statement saying, "the fact is blbt is the brief trimmings and it's absolutely edible. no process can somehow make an inedible meat edible. it's impossible." what's your response? >> i don't know what they're getting at withed thissible business. i absolutely respect the -- with that edible business. i absolutely respect the sustainable part and using every part of the cow carcass, but it's my understanding we were already using the waste for things like pet food. we were using it for rendering to create cooking oil. we were not feeding it to people. it's also my understanding in the united kingdom you are not allowed to feed it to people. i think their sustainability argument is a bit hollow. after increasing the nutritional profile of the food served to school children, you
10:33 pm
know, there are two microbiologists at usda who are federal whistleblowers that came forward. they think usda allowing this to be called beef on the label is entirely inappropriate. >> bottom line, they have said at least -- i'm sorry. >> go ahead. finish what you were saying. >> no. what i was going say is at least one of them to my understanding said he did not agree it has the same nutritional qualities what we all think of as beef. >> bottom line, what do you want parents to know? how can they sign up and join your petition to keep this pink slime out of school lunches? >> they just need to go to and search pink slime. they can also go to my blog which is and there's a big banner to thinking through to the petition. >> petina seagal, we certainly appreciate it and hopefully we can keep pink slime out of our school lunches. real estate mogul donald trump will soon put his stamp on a historic building in d.c., the old post office pavilion.
10:34 pm
the general services administration awarded trump the contract to renovate it. trump plans to convert the building into a luxury heating. he talked about his plans on fox 5 news at 5:00. >> we're building a beautiful hotel and it's really done painstakingly that's going to be the old post office will be absolutely magnificent when completed. so we will be employing many, many more people working in a hotel in. this economy that's a good thing. we're going to bring back the original grandeur to a magnificent building with a fantastic atrium. you have the bell tower up top, but it's been closed essentially. you don't see it. you don't hear it. you don't anything. we're going to bring back the building to its original grandeur. >> trump hopes to use local builders to build the new hotel expected to open in 20 several ticks teen. moor than 200 national -- 2016. more than 200 national guardsmen came home. they spent a year in the sinai peninsula of egypt on a peace
10:35 pm
keeping mission, all part of the peace accord between israel and egypt. one of those soldiers gave his little boy the surprise of a lifetime. he's back from a year of duty overseas. fox 5's maureen umeh with the emotional reunion. >> reporter: 4-year-old payton burleson had no idea he's in for a special surprise at school. >> i told him he's coming home soon. he says i'm just going to squeeze him. so i know he's really excited. we've been trying to keep it a surprise of. >> reporter: his dad private first class charles perry is waiting right outside his classroom at kindercare in germantown. >> it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. my world revolves around him and his mother, of course. >> reporter: i got back on sunday and is looking forward to -- he got back on sunday and is looking forward to make up lost time. >> it was a sacrifice people before me made serving overseas. >> reporter: perry and payton's mom diana sneak into his classroom. perry is holding a stuffed camel behind his back.
10:36 pm
payton doesn't even notice when dad sits behind him and even taps him, but a few seconds later. >> how are you? [ applause ] >> wow. >> wow. >> now are you? >> fine. >> reporter: payton is all smiles giving his dad that squeeze he's been wanting to give. a bit overwhelming for the little guy who gets shy when i notices all the attention he's getting -- when he notices all the attention he's getting, but no words needed here. >> words can't describe how i feel right now. >> happy to start family life. >> reporter: perry isn't sure when he'll have to leave again. >> i love you, dad. >> love you, too. >> reporter: for now he's savoring every moment with his family. >> missed you. miss me, too? >> yes! >> reporter: payton's glad to have dad back, too. the family is together again, a special surprise none of them will ever forget. in germantown, maryland,
10:37 pm
maureen umeh, fox 5 news. up next the dubious distinction of the district. if you have a lead foot, you'll want to hear this one. plus march madness almost here, dave feldman breaking down the big dance next. but first here's fox network's neil cavuto. >> gas prices back on the move, drivers starting the workweek with a fresh round of pain at the pump. the national average for unleaded rising over the weekend up 16% this year. that's a big reason why a lot of people are parking their cars and using subways and buses. america is making more than 10 billion trips on public transportation last year making it the second highest total on record and apparently nothing is keeping apple down, its stock surging to yet another all time high on reports preorders for that hot new ipad selling out. the latest ipad hits apple stores this friday. and taking flight with dorris the chicken, just one of 18 choices frontier airlines is offering up in a contest to pick its next animal mascot.
10:38 pm
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a new study shows the district ranks among the top five cities with speed cameras. d.c. had 349 enforcement cameras. overall they generate billions of dollars in fines each year, but the debate remains, were the speed cameras designed to improve safety or just generate money? aaa spokesman john townsend told us the city does have a need for those speed cameras. >> i think it has a persistent speeding problem. we know speeding is one of the seven deadly traffic sins in the district of columbia and it
10:42 pm
should be. >> townsend says speed cameras have generated millions for the district and the city has become reliant on that income. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 thieves snatching bottles of tide off store shelves, why the laundry detergent has become a hot commodity and what some stores are doing to stop theft. i a northern virginia community comes together -- a northern virginia community comes together to salute a hometown hero, a marine killed in a helicopter crash last month. i'm bob barnard with the story coming up on the news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] technology accelerates at a relentless pace.
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the most connected information and communication technology available in an automobile. [ tires screeching ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. fox 5 sports is brought to you by acura. >> in case you didn't know it, just one local team is dancing in this year's ncaa tournament, the georgetown hoyas. this is nothing new for john thompson, iii, but the eighth year coach does not want to repeat recent history. we have the story about the hoyas trip to ohio. >> last year georgetown lost to
10:46 pm
vcu in the first round. that was a six seed falling to an 11th seed. two years ago they lost to ohio if the first round and not ohio state. -- in the first round and not ohio state. that was a 4 versus 11 scenario. hoyas defeated pittsburgh by 12 points in a second round game. jansenly sims followed up that game with another -- sims followed up that game with another fine game. senior guard jason clark is ready to shoulder a leadership role. >> it's tournament time. it's crunch time. you know that you're a leader on this time and you know that a lot of things will fall on what you guys do in this tournament. so i think that i'm -- the feeling is great still. i love this time of the season. so i'm just looking forward to getting out there and playing.
10:47 pm
>> every team in the tournament is good. every team will bring their best shot and compete as if that's their last game of the season. >> reporter: belmont is going to see georgetown, a three seed a big school, d.c. and go we got nothing to lose. >> exactly, but we see belmont and say the same thing, just not in d.c. >> i like that i can. the hoyas play the belmont bruins saturday at 4 p.m. here's the scenario with bell possibility. they're nashville, tennessee. did you know about -- belmont. they're nashville, tennessee. did you know much about them? >> no. >> georgetown played them in 2007 in the first round and beat them 80-55. that year georgetown went to the final four. that was a good money. then the atlantic sun conference, it will be their fifth trip to the ncaa tournament. >> besides the warm temperatures, another sure sign of spring, next week will kick off the annual cherry blossom festival. this afternoon the members of the japanese embassy provided
10:48 pm
some details of the event. this year's festival will mark the 100th anniversary of tokyo's gift of cherry trees to washington. officials say the only thing they're worried about, that the trees will blossom too soon. >> i hope not. magnolia trees are already starting to blossom. i'm seeing things popping up everywhere. >> everything has popped fast. i think it's hard to hold the cherry blossoms fast and it's nighttime temperatures that help retain them this their buds and it's going to be warm this weekend. it's 67 still at 10:00. i have a feeling we need to start doing -- probably the end of the week we need to see what rob defayo has to say. he's been saying martinet yet which is just next week. it's going to be soon -- march 15th which is just next week. it's going to be soon i have a feeling. we'll keep an eye on it. we don't want you to miss out on the spectacle. the city is looking beautiful and i'll tell you.
10:49 pm
what it is a workweek and it's going to be hard to get work done because the warm-up is going to be spectacular. i would not be surprised if we see some 80s this week just down to our south. this is the high temperature today for fredericksburg 75, quantico 76, d.c. 72, a little cooler near the water, a little cooler to our north and west but relatively speaking more like mid-may here in the middle of march and while d.c. was 72 a couple cooler spots where we had some showers today like cincinnati and detroit, but look at st. louis at 84 degrees, dallas 80, a lot of heat in the eastern 2/3 of the nation and with the southwest wind over the next couple days some of that heat continues to get pumped in this direction. there are probably going to be a couple showers around tomorrow and maybe an isolated rick santorum, not widespread, nothing is he -- an isolated thunderstorm, not widespread, nothing severe. 4 degrees warm irthan it was today and a bit -- warmer than it was today and a bit of an
10:50 pm
uptick in the humidity. that may produce a little fuel for some thunderstorms primarily east of 95 if we do get them. it's an isolated chance. went looks terrific, dry, 78 degrees, thursday terrific as well at 77. the end of the week might be more unsettled in terms of having a few more showers in the forecast. this night is pretty mild, d.c. came up 3 degrees in the last hour to 67. most places are in the mid-60s, a few spots in the 50s. i don't think it gets much colder than the 50s tonight, so that's really mild. we have a weak disturbance later tonight, but it's having a hard time producing showers. there have been a few and this is the latest shower activity out here through western mair -- lightest shower activity out here through western maryland. we'll see if any of this can hold up as it comes across later tonight. futurecast certainly thinks there's a chance for showers overnight into the first part of the morning. because a weak front will come through tomorrow, there could
10:51 pm
be a few storms along the front especially if we get a good amount of sunshine. that front will barely get through here. it kind of grazes us and moves back to the north wednesday. so we're really back into the warm stuff wednesday. that's the day i think we have a good shot getting close to 80 degrees south of d.c. i'm showing you the futurecast at 4 a.m., a couple showers around. by the time we get to 8:00 it looks like they're out of here. we have a good amount of sunshine in the afternoon, but right around 6:00 it could cook up a few more showers, maybe a thunderstorm. you can see why we're saying best chance is east of 95 that. will be about it in terms of rain. might have a little bit more friday and saturday, some hit or miss showers. now i would say friday, saturday, sunday, looks a bit hard to predict, weak disturbances moving through, nothing powerful, kind of hard to time it. we'll just say chance of a shower friday, saturday, but tell. what that is going to be a nice run -- tell you. what that is going to be a nice run of temperatures.
10:52 pm
a major milestone for a woman who has given a lot to the d.c. community. virginia mclaurin marked her 103rd birthday today. she celebrated with some people she's brought much joy to and they wanted to give something back. fox 5's beth parker with the story. >> reporter: virginia mclaurin is still dancing on this, her 103rd birthday. >> i feel great. >> reporter: feeling great and also doing good reaching out bringing squeals of joy to special needs kids at a d.c. public school called sharpe hilt. today those students helped celebrate -- sharpe health. today those students helped celebrate her 103rd birthday. for the last 20 years mclaurin has worked 40 hours a week as a foster grandparent at sharpe school. there is no one more grateful than the teachers. >> i want to keep you forever and forever. >> reporter: today there were proclamations, a new foot rest skit in her honor, a word from
10:53 pm
the chancellor, a dance with a council member and lots of love from family including a great great great granddaughter. >> i didn't know people loved me that much. >> reporter: but parents line up to praise her. >> we love her. she helped our child. she did this. she did that. and the patience. a lot of the special needs kids can do things, but it just takes them a little longer and one thing with miss mclaurin is she always has time. >> reporter: this isn't just occasional volunteer work. in fact, virginia leaves her house here on 13th street every morning, but she doesn't get in a car. she walks a block and a half down 13th street every day to the school. she likes to keep moving. >> i feel like if i just flip down, my life is gone. as long as i move with the kids
10:54 pm
and play with them kids and dance with them kids and talking to them and weaving and telling stories they want to hear and all this fun, you know, every day, it keeps me alive. >> reporter: she had never needed prescription glasses. after three she says she no longer needs a husband either. you looking for no. 4? >> huh-uh. >> reporter: not going to get married again? >> no. i'm going to just live for the lord from now on. >> reporter: and for the kids. >> i love it. it gives me joy. i love children. i love kids. i will be here till they kick me out. >> reporter: this is likely to be a while. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> big happy birthday. coming up next see how the finalists are getting some help from a famed fashion designer, tommy hilfiger talks about what can he do for those singers coming up next. 
10:55 pm
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american designer tommy hilfiger joins american idol as image advicer for the finalists. they have a vocal coach, so why not add a little style to the mix. here's fox's casey steigel. >> reporter: helping transform these unknown singers into household names, american idol is upping the ante this season by bringing in tommy hilfiger to complete the package. >> it's sort of like a fashion advisor or mentoring where i'll look at all the contestants and i'll help them mold and shape their image for the performances and as a fashion designer who has been inspired by music and musicians for my entire career, i really believe that all the mega stars have
10:59 pm
had a fashion attitude and a look. if you think madonna, michael jackson, mick jagger, elton john. they've all had individual looks of their own. >> reporter: hilfiger says it's important for the contestants to find their own style. >> the look has to be individual because every single one of them needs a unique look. it can't be the same look for all the girls or the same look for all the guys. it really has to be individualized and i believe i will be able to help individualize them. i was inspired 25 years ago when i started my brand by music. i was inspired by music when i started designing clothes. i always looked at musicians for inspiration. >> reporter: hilfiger has worked with many a list superstars over the years including idols' three judges. >> i think it


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